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Published: 03rd October 2011
Views: N/A should be the first port of call for any casual gamer or anyone else who wants to download free games, since this site boasts one of the largest collections of completely free games to be found anywhere on the web. Super Motocross is one of the racing games available here, a great free game with plenty of high-speed and addictive fun. If you are a lover of racing games, then the high-speed action that you will experience here will definitely be most welcome! As with all of the games available on this site, it is completely free and there are absolutely no restrictions with regards to gameplay or the amount of time you can play it. There are only full, free games available at - not demos or trial versions.

Super Motocross is a unique motorbike racing game with 15 levels and 4 great motorcycles, each with their own statistics and abilities. There are many elements against you as you race through the challenging range of levels. Work your way through winding roads, avoiding winds as well. There are plenty of challenges that you will find along the way, keeping you truly enthralled in the game. There are a variety of different sceneries to make for a most engaging and memorable experience. You will find challenging, twisting roads to navigate as well as amazing jumps and barriers which you will need to avoid at all costs if you want to win the race and exterminate your opponents! As you work your way through the levels, you will have the chance to prove yourself as the best motorcycle racer!

Players will be able to break all of the records in the game if they try hard enough. They will be able to complete many incredible stunts such as back flips and front flips. Completing these stunts will give players more nitro, so they can move their bikes even faster. Nitro speed is a huge adrenaline rush, and using it will greatly help you to win races. You will need to gather as much of it as possible by completing these fun and crazy stunts. There are also four motorcycles to choose from, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Find your favorite motorcycle and learn how to handle it like a master. Soon you will find yourself excelling at it, and outwitting your opponents at every turn.

For anyone who loves extreme sports, Super Motocross is a great opportunity to unwind and enjoy completely free and unrestricted fun. The graphics are quality and everything is in 3D, yet the system requirements are only modest, so you certainly shouldn't have to upgrade your computer to be able to play the game at the best frame rates. The sound effects are fun and realistic and the music is catchy and enjoyable. You can download Super Motocross from . It's the full version and there is absolutely no catch! You can download it in a matter of minutes and start playing for as long as you wish!

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